Why Megan Bell Quit 'The Bachelor'

The 24-year-old makeup artist parted ways with Chris Soules

As time went on, Bell said she felt her spark with Soules dimming.

“Days went by and I was like, ‘I’m losing grip on it,’” Bell said of their first-date connection. “I saw the other relationships with the other girls progressing more, so and I was just like, ‘I trust Chris and this decision.’”

“I am so surprised,” she said of the drama on the reality TV show. “I’m silly and happy and fun. I try to stay away from it but, you know.”

Bell told Soules during one-on-one time that she would be leaving the show before he had a chance to give, or not give, her a rose.

"That night, I knew I was going to be saying goodbye," Bell said. "Goodbyes are hard."

When asked if she thought Soules knew she was going to leave, Bell replied, “I think so.”

As the contestants vying for Soules’ love have dwindled down from 30 to just six, Bell said she has an idea about who Soules will end up choosing.

“Becca, I think,” Bell said. “She’s beautiful, smart, sweet and right up Chris’s alley.”