Melanie Griffith Opens Up About Dating After Antonio Banderas Split

The actress recently split from her husband of 18 years, Antonio Banderas.

When asked if she was open to meeting people, the actress replied, "I'm just kind of laying low." However, she knows what she's looking for.

"I think I'd like to meet a cowboy, like a real [man's]man," she told Extra. "Somebody who's a man and is not concerned with this town.”

"I'm never going to see the movie," she said. "It would just be too awkward. She, I think, would be mortified if we came to see her movie. She said you can see up until I lose my virginity and then that's it!"

Still, the actress said she doesn't need to see the movie to know that her daughter will do a great job. Johnson, now 25, has known since she was a teen that acting is what she wanted to do full-time.

"Around 11th grade... she was like, 'I'm going to be an actress and I'm gonna be really big. I'm going to be bigger than you.' And she is," she said. "There is no lack of confidence in Dakota."