How Michael B. Jordan Gained 24 Pounds of Muscle

The “Fantastic Four” star explains how he got into shape for new movie “Creed.”

July 15, 2015, 1:18 PM

— -- It’s Michael B. Jordan like you’ve never seen him.

In the recently released trailer of the “Fruitvale” star’s new film “Creed,” he’s showing off some serious muscle.

At Comic-Con with his “Fantastic Four” co-start Kate Mara, Jordan revealed to E! News how he got so ripped.

"How good does his back look in that trailer?" Mara gushed.

“I got in shape,” a modest Jordan said, slightly embarrassed. “It’s pretty cool.”

Jordan, who got his breakout role as the quarterback in “Friday Night Lights,” did more than get in shape. He gained a whopping 24 pounds of muscle to play Apollo Creed’s son, an aspiring boxer who’s being trained by Rocky Balboa himself, played by Sylvester Stallone.

Asked how he did it, he replied, “Diet and exercise.”

"Honestly, diet has a lot to do with it and lots of water,” he added.

That’s when Mara cracked, "He was so annoying during our movie — every 30 minutes he was eating something.”

Jordan laughed.

"Literally in the middle of takes, I would just be eating food," he said. "Chicken and rice and broccoli — a lot of it.”

Check out the results in the “Creed” trailer below:

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