See Miss Piggy's 'Sofia the First' Audition Tape

"At first, moi was a bit upset about not getting the part," she admitted.

— -- Even Miss Piggy doesn't always get what she wants.

The "Muppets" star auditioned for "Sofia the First," but obviously, didn't get the part.

"At first, moi was a bit upset about not getting the part of 'Sofia the First' but after a while -- and a lot of chocolate -- I got over the heartbreak," she told ABC News about her audition (above).

"Besides, I simply adore who they cast as Sofia the First. That girl’s got style!"

While she's not seen in that Disney Junior series, Miss Piggy, along with Fozzie Bear, Kermit the Frog and other "Muppets" stars, will be seen in "Muppet Moments," a new short-form series featuring conversations between the beloved personalities and children about every day topics.

The new show will premiere on April 3, with new shorts airing every day until May 8.

"In show business, they say never work with kids or animals. Well, on 'Muppet Moments' we break both those rules and a lot more!" said Kermit the Frog.

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