'Modern Family's' Jesse Tyler Ferguson Shares the Biggest Perk of Being Married

"Modern Family" actor dishes on how life's changed since marrying Justin Mikita.

April 3, 2014 — -- Jesse Tyler Ferguson has only been married since last July, but the "Modern Family" star said he's already seeing the perks of tying the knot with Justin Mikita.

"When you are having an argument or something, it doesn't feel quite as 'Oh my gosh, he's going to walk out the door'" he told ABC News. "[Instead] you married me so, we'll get through this."

He even added that being married has meant "less drama" and that the two snazzy dressers sometimes share clothes.

"Justin is a little taller than me, there are certain things we don't share," he said. "But we do occasionally overlap our wardrobe a bit."

Photo: Jesse Tyler Ferguson's Adorable Wedding Cake Topper

Ferguson, 38, gushed, "There's something very special about being part of that institution and being able to say we are married."

Ferguson spoke to ABC on behalf of The Great Ameircan Milk Drive by Feeding America. The cause is something important to the actor, one that aims to donate milk to families who need it.

He added that he already donates food to shelters and food banks for the holidays, but was impressed at how easy Feeding America is making it for people to help those in need.

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"I think all of us can relate to those moments with your mother and father and when it was time to drink your milk," he said.

Speaking of family, the actor said having children is definitely in the cards for the happy couple.

"We've always said we wanted kids," he said. "There's those questions of how are we going to do it. But right now, we are just really happy being married."