Why Molly Sims' Husband Loves Her New 'Do

The actress had her doubts, but now she's embracing her new hair color.

March 21, 2014 — -- Blonde, redhead, whatever, actress and supermodel Molly Sims is gorgeous no matter what.

But after she recently dyed her hair red, someone special to her took notice--her husband Scott Stuber. In fact, Sims said the first thing he said when he saw the new 'do was "Oh, boy!"

"He loved it," she told ABC News. "I'm like you got a whole new woman here honey. It was good, I'm like his mistress."

Sims, 40, said she's loving the change too.

"I'm having so much fun," she said. "When I first looked down, I was like, 'Oh my God, what have I done?' But I love it. I dress differently, I wear my makeup differently, it's great!"

Sims spoke to ABC as part of her work with both Wendy's and Polyvore, a fashion website that's holding a contest the model is going to help judge.

Wendy's has two new salads - Asian Cashew Chicken and BBQ Ranch Chicken - and Sims said, "Why not put fashion with food? ... It's a way to get women inspired while eating healthy."

And eating healthy is something Sims said she had to do after having her little boy Brooks in June 2012. She looks amazing now, but admitted losing the weight was tough.

"It was like a job, it was horrible. I gained 72 pounds, I ended up having a thyroid problem," she added. "I had to work so hard, it takes discipline. It is hard to lose weight, it is even harder when there is an issue behind it."

Sims said Pilates, running, hiking and circuit training, along with healthy eating did the trick.

"I was really strict with trying to not eat bread after 6 p.m., but having enough carbs so I wasn't dying," she said. "It was really high protein, but it was not easy. As you get older, it becomes tougher."

Even through all this, Sims and her husband want another little bundle of joy.

"I definitely want more kids, we are trying now," she said. "You forget the pain so you do it again."