Movie Review: 'The Interview,' Starring Seth Rogen and James Franco

Film was released by Sony after all.


Two-and-a-half out of five stars

One of the scenes in the movie concerns Rogen’s character trying to hide the container with the poison destined for Kim Jong-un so North Korean soldiers won’t find the “payload.” So where does he hide it? He forces it up his, well, you know. Yes, that is an actual scene in the movie that so upset a foreign power that it perpetrated a cyberattack on our country.

My reality rating here is two-and-a-half out of five stars, but "The Interview" has also earned my very first honorary five out five stars. Pay to see this film, even if you hate it, because for the first time ever, watching a man (James Franco) pull his hands out of his pants and smell his fingers is, quite simply, the only patriotic thing to do.