Nancy Drew Celebrates 80th Anniversary

Special edition book of groundbreaking girl detective released.

April 28, 2010, 10:31 AM

April 28, 2010— -- If Nancy Drew, amateur sleuth, were a real person, she would be 98 today.

On April 28, 1930, the 18-year-old girl detective who lives with her attorney father and housekeeper in River Heights, USA, made her debut -- and she has been thrilling readers ever since.

To mark the occasion, original Drew publisher Grosset & Dunlap is releasing an 80th anniversary edition of the first book, "The Secret of the Old Clock." The book will be a reprinting of the 1959 edition, which made slight editorial changes to the 1930 edition to remove racial stereotypes.

Not only does Nancy solve the toughest crimes in River Heights, but her witty ways have also inspired some of today's most groundbreaking and important women.

A recent USA Today article on the female sleuth said that she was an influence on "all three women who have served on the Supreme Court including Sandra Day O'Connor, Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Sonia Sotomayor."

"Simon & Schuster brought the series into the present times by giving Nancy a PDA and a blue hybrid car [instead of her famous blue roadster]," Emily Lawrence, the editor of the Nancy Drew books at current publisher Simon & Schuster told "Her best friends Bess and George are still around. Bess is more of a gear-head then she was before; she is savvier and has knowledge of all things mechanical. George is still a tomboy, but now she is on the cutting edge of the Internet."

Lawrence added, "Girls today love Nancy Drew because of the same things that always made her attractive. She is smart, independent and ahead of the times. She uses technology that kids are familiar with to solve her crimes."


Even though Nancy Drew is definitely over the hill, she is still beloved by her many avid fans.

Caroline Rubrecht, a high school senior, told that she started reading Drew books in the 3rd grade.

"The first book I read was "The Spiral Staircase," Rubrecht said. "It was and still is my favorite Nancy Drew book. So many nights were spent reading those books."

"I read all of her books as a girl in elementary, middle and high school," another reader, Stephanie Wally, told "Now, I enjoy the Nancy Drew video games!"

Karen Finlay told that she read her first Nancy book, "The Mystery of Lilac Inn," when she was 8.

"That day, the entire world opened up to mysterious possibilities: hidden staircases, secret panels, secret wills tucked into clocks and striving to get and read every Nancy Drew book ever written," Finlay said. "I still pick them up and read them, instantly transporting me back to that innocent and wonderful time before junior high school angst and assigned 'serious' reading."

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