Natalie Portman Actually Welcomes Dress Questions on Red Carpet

Why the Oscar winner actually prefers easy questions over more serious topics.

The movie focuses on the "relationship between a boy and his mother during the creation of the state of Israel" and Portman not only starred in the film as Fania Oz, but she directed it as well. The 35-year-old was also born in Jerusalem, which made this touching movie's production that much more special.

"I’m from Jerusalem but I left when I was three," she told "Popcorn with Peter Travers." "So, it really existed in my imagination. And that’s kind of great for making a movie because it’s something I’ve been imagining my whole life -- the place, what it was like when my grandparents first moved there, that wild thing of what happens when all of these refugees from Europe come and are basically orphaned, so you’ve got this kind of collective trauma."

"It’s the realization of your dreams," she said. "It just feels completely magical and amazing that all of these people are looking to you and asking, 'What should I do next?' And then you say something and they do it to help you create your vision."

Portman's vision became a vivid blend of "history mixed with imagination."

"I think it’s hard to be from [Jerusalem] without [those questions of politics]," she said. "It’s been one of the most interesting parts of my life and I’m grateful for it, even though it also feels like a burden too. Because when they’re talking on the red carpet, women get upset about being asked about their dresses and stuff. And I’m like, 'Oh God if people could ask me more about my dresses and less about mid-east politics I’d be okay.' You’re from Israel and it’s literally the first thing anyone asks you is like, 'What’s your stance?' And that’s an intense thing to carry with you.”

"A Tale of Love and Darkness" is currently in theaters.