NHL Hall of Famer Sends Message to Man Whose Live-Tweet of Hockey Game Goes Viral

Tony Holmes was trying to watch baseball when he got distracted by hockey.

It is a strange journey for the baseball and football-loving Holmes, who became an overnight Internet sensation when he stumbled on Monday night’s Blues-Chicago Blackhawks game on TV and began to live-tweet his first hockey experience.

“It’s been crazy,” Holmes said on “GMA.” “I didn’t think it’d be this big about me just tweeting about a hockey game."

Holmes’s Twitter account (@Soloucity) jumped from 1,600 to 59,000 followers after his funny recap of the playoff game.

Hull told Holmes in a taped message that he was glad he had "finally jumped on the Blues bandwagon."

"I hope to see you next Tuesday night for your first Blues game," Hull said.

Holmes admitted he "never gave hockey a chance" but is now all-in, even forgoing tweeting to enjoy his live hockey experience at the Blues game.

"It’s not going to be as much as I’m doing at home because I want to kind of experience it because everyone is telling me it gets real crazy when it’s live," he said.