Norman Reedus on 'Walking Dead': 'No One is Safe on That Show'

The new season of "The Walking Dead" begins this Sunday.

— -- Norman Reedus' character in the hit zombie AMC series "The Walking Dead" is arguably one of the most buzzed about TV heroes of the year. Fans of the show are going bonkers trying to figure out if Daryl Dixon, played by Reedus, will live to see another day. The show is set to return for a new season this Sunday and all signs point to another surprise death.

"No one is safe on the show. I mean no one is safe on that show," Reedus told Peter Travers, host of ABC's "Popcorn With Peter Travers."

"Scott Gimple, our show runner, he’s become very good at throwing people off the scent. There are so many different groups that try to spoil our show. There’s cameras outside all the time, trying to put the clues together and so forth. So he’s become very good at throwing them off which is a good thing I think," Reedus added.

Those are not comforting words if you're one of those die-hard 'Dead' fans. But there's still a chance that Daryl Dixon will somehow avoid the wrath of Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Reedus admitted the cast doesn’t find out who is leaving the show until the last minute.

"We used to get a bunch of scripts in advance and then the show became more popular," he said. "And now we know right at the last minute. We’re kind of always on call. But it’s actually kind of helped us, I think, from being on the inside because it’s a lot like life. You always feel like you have more time with people. And you never know when it’s gonna come. And when it does come it’s such a shocker."

Though Reedus' Daryl Dixon and Morgan's Negan are enemies on the show, off-screen they've become best buds, often pranking each other on set.

"I’ve filled his trailer full of chickens, big mean ones," joked Reedus. "I filled his air conditioner in his car full of glitter. So every time he turns it on, glitter goes all over him. It was like a hundred degrees, so you have to suffer through it. And then the last one he took my motorcycle and put it on a boat and pushed it out in the middle of a lake with a sex doll on it. I have to say he’s kind of my BFF."

Reedus recently celebrated his son Mingus' 17th birthday, who he says has also grown to enjoy the show.

"He is a fan of 'The Walking Dead.' He used to sort of watch it like this," Reedus said while ducking and covering his eyes. "And then one day I went to go pick him up from school, a long time ago, six years ago. And he had this big smile on his face. And I was like, ‘What are you smiling about?’ He was like, 'Some of the bigger kids were like, is your dad Daryl Dixon?' And he’s like, 'Yes.' So he was getting big kid love. So now he’s into it. Now he watches and tells me what I do wrong and how we should have shot it like this and not that."

Be sure to watch the full interview with Peter Travers in the video link above. The new season of "The Walking Dead" begins this Sunday.