First Openly Gay Contestant Makes Top 30 on 'American Idol'

PHOTO: M.K. Nobilette performs on American Idol, Feb. 12, 2014.American Idol/Youtube
M.K. Nobilette performs on American Idol, Feb. 12, 2014.

For the first time an openly gay "American Idol" contestant has made the cut for the final 30.

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Other contestants like Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert later admitted to being gay, but M.K. Nobilette is the first to admit she's gay while competing for the top prize.

Nobilette, 20, impressed the judges on Wednesday night's show, even giving Jennifer Lopez goose bumps during her performance of Ed Sheeran's "A Team."

After the judges brought up that she's not the typical "American Idol," she talked about her sexuality.

"I'm very obviously gay and there are always going to be people in America and everywhere else, who will definitely hate me," she said. "But I think that in the last two years there have been a lot of things that have really changed that and have really made it a positive thing."

Lopez followed her comments up by saying she also believed "the world is changing, I think."

She continued, "We think that you could be an 'American Idol' and we'd like you to be in our top 15 girls."

Watch her reaction below.