Oprah Winfrey Gets Candid on Her New Passion Project, Reveals Her Super Power, Guilty Pleasure

Have you ever wondered what Oprah Winfrey’s guilty pleasure is?

-- Have you ever wondered what Oprah Winfrey’s guilty pleasure is? What her secret talent is? What she buys? What her super power would be?

"It's something I've always wanted to do,” Winfrey, 60, told Robach. “Now to be able to speak one on one to audiences ... Going on the road and actually talking to people about how they can actualize the life that they want for themselves."

In honor of the tour, which Winfrey says will allow her to connect with fans and speak one-on-one with audiences like she did on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” Winfrey opened up for a lightning round of questions, revealing that her guilty pleasure was being on the sofa with “potato crisps.”

"My guilty pleasure is on the sofa -- with a bag of those -- those things they're called-- I think they're called potato crisps," she said.

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As for her secret talent?

“I don't have one,” she said, laughing. “I really don't have one. I wish I had a hobby. And one day I was in the tub. And I love bathing so much I think bathing's my hobby.”

“Bathing. That’s your secret hobby,” Robach replied.

“Oh, my God,” Winfrey said, laughing. “I'm good at it. I am so good at bathing.”

She said the last thing she bought was a “great chair” for her den, adding: “I don't shop online. Ever. I don't.”

When asked whether she was living the life she wanted, Winfrey she was “closer than I’ve ever been.”

"The Life You Want Weekend" tour begins Sept. 5th in Atlanta and makes stops in Auburn Hills, Washington D.C., Miami, Houston, Newark, Seattle and San Jose. For more information, visit oprahweekend.com.