Oprah Winfrey Shocks Weight Watchers Members

The entertainment mogul surprised members in New York City.

The entertainment mogul on Tuesday made a surprise appearance at a Weight Watchers meeting in New York City.

“The coach knows I’m coming. The rest of the people don’t know I’m coming,” Winfrey told King beforehand.

The duo broadcast the surprise on Facebook Live. Winfrey walked into the back of the room and quietly stood there until the shocked members realized the superstar was in their midst.

Winfrey told the group to laughter, "We're live on Facebook right now, and if that's not OK, you told your husband you were somewhere else.”

The meeting’s leader, Lisa, who is also Winfrey’s personal coach, gave Winfrey and King each a “bravo” sticker which is awarded at Weight Watchers meetings to recognize a behavioral change. In their case, they received one for attending their first meeting.