Oprah Winfrey Talks Life-Changing Weight Watchers

This is "easier ... than the other 3,000 times I’ve gone on a diet."

Winfrey, 62, wanted to drive home the point that the program she's now following, on which she's already lost more than 25 pounds, is no fad or a short-term diet.

"I genuinely feel that it’s been easier this time than the other 3,000 times I’ve gone on a diet because I don’t even feel like it is a diet. I just feel like, ‘OK, my life has changed,'" she said, according to People magazine.

Indeed, Winfrey regaled reporters with a recent dining-out story and how she only took a "little bite" of food that was fried or unhealthy.

Still, she slips every now and then, but that's OK.

“Yesterday, I knew I was going to be having General Tso’s chicken for dinner, so I did an extra 30 minutes of exercise and then I walked the dogs around a couple of more times," she added. "It’s not something I feel like I’m on or I’m off."

Winfrey bought a 10 percent stake in Weight Watchers in October and also joined the program. She revealed in January that she had eaten bread every day and lost 26 pounds.