Oscars 2016: 'The Revenant' Bear on Getting 'Close and Personal' With Leonardo DiCaprio

Glen Ennis stood in for the bear in the Oscar-winning movie.

The man who brought the very real-looking bear to life said he got “close and personal” with DiCaprio during the movie’s filming.

“It was close and personal," stuntman Glen Ennis told "Good Morning America" today of his few days of filming with the Oscar winner.

“It was like mud wrestling for three days,” Ennis said. "He had to learn the sequence because there’s a lot of stuff going on.”

Ennis’s turn as the bear in “The Revenant” is the result of movie magic. The stuntman wore a blue suit in rehearsals and then was painted into the movie with the help of CGI.

Ennis joked that he practiced method acting to get into the mindset of the bear.

“You watch videos of bears attacking people and then you get moody and you go through a dumpster and eat some garbage,” Ennis said. “You’re pretty much there.”

"The Revenant" led in Oscar nominations this year with 12. In addition to DiCaprio’s win, the movie’s director, Alejandro González Iñárritu, also took home the Best Director Oscar.