Patton Oswalt on His Late Wife Michelle McNamara: 'It Was Love Pretty Much Immediately for Me'

McNamara died in her sleep last month at age 46.

— -- Patton Oswalt is remembering his first meeting with Michelle McNamara, and reflecting on the happy life they had together before her unexpected death last month.

In an interview with People, Oswalt recalled the first time he met his late wife in 2003, and how for him, it was love at first sight.

McNamara died in her sleep last month, at age 46. No cause of death was given.

Oswalt, 47, revealed that his first encounter with McNamara was after one of his club performances in Los Angeles.

"During my routine, I admitted to my weakness for Irish women, how they were my Kryptonite," Oswalt recalled. "And after the show she was walking out with the crowd and she touched my left arm and said, 'Irish girls, nice!'"

"I was so stunned by how beautiful she was that I let her walk away," he continued.

Oswalt ended up chasing after McNamara to ask for phone her number, and the complete strangers became a couple soonafter.

"It was love pretty much immediately for me. I think it took a few months for her," Oswalt said. "But it must've turned to love pretty solidly because by September she'd moved in with me. She took a leap on my behalf for which I'm forever grateful."

Oswalt and McNamara wed in 2005, and welcomed daughter Alice in 2009.

"The King of Queens" actor also thanked his friends and family for the outpouring of support he and Alice have received over the past few weeks, and explained how much their kindness means to him and his daughter.

"They have -- with no exaggerating -- saved my life. Saved my daughter's life. And crystalized Michelle's memory into a flame that warms rather than burns," Oswalt said.

"I will never, ever be able to repay her and my family's generosity and my friend's selflessness. It's beyond me being able to articulate except to say an awed, 'Thank you.'"