Jessica Chastain/Instagram
  • Jessica Chastain Takes the Subway with Her Family

    Jessica Chastian shared this image with her family on the subway to her Instagram account, Dec. 31, 2015.
    Jessica Chastain/Instagram
  • Matthew Broderick Rides the NYC Subway

    Matthew Broderick checks his watch and hops on the 3 train subway uptown in New York City, Nov. 29, 2015.
    Christopher Peterson/Splash News
  • Katie Holmes Boards a Train in an Evening Gown

    Kate Holmes posted this photo to Instagram on Oct. 8, 2015 with the caption, "Heels and a train...nothing better."
    Katie Holmes/Instagram
  • Matthew Broderick Waits for the Subway in NYC

    Actor Matthew Broderick waits for the subway to his matinee performance 'It's Only a Play' in New York, March 25, 2015.
    Christopher Peterson/Splash News
  • Mariah Carey

    Mariah Carey posted this photo on Instagram with this caption: "Laughs pon de subway," May 30, 2014.
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