The One Piece of Advice Ed Sheeran Got From Taylor Swift, Pharrell and Chris Martin

"Don't" singer says Taylor Swift, Pharrell and others told him the same thing.

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“Elton John is someone who has done everything right in his career, and everything wrong in his career,” Sheeran said. “He made so many mistakes that he could talk about freely and that’s good advice.”

Sheeran has quickly evolved from just a guy with a guitar to opening for Taylor Swift and selling out New York City’s Madison Square Garden as a solo act, not once but three times.

Sheeran said he is much more at ease when he’s headlining his own show.

“I don’t really think there’s pressure when people have come to see you because they want to be entertained,” he said. “They’re not expecting to be impressed. They come to be like, ‘We like your music, play it for us,’ rather than, ‘We’ve never heard of you, show us what you can do.’”

“I think it’s nice to get something positive out of a bad situation,” Sheeran said. “I’d say that’s the way I’d look at it. I’m not trying to be bitter in any way. I just wanted to get something good out of that situation.”

“I’ve never seen myself as a sex symbol, and I think if I didn’t play music no one else would [see me that way] either,” Sheeran said. “We’re attracted to people who are good at things. So being in that People magazine thing is very flattering, because it means people think I’m good at my craft. But I would never say that I’m a sex symbol.”