Police: 17 Arrested in Brazen Paris Fashion Week Robbery of Kim Kardashian West

Police said raids captured 17 suspects in connection with the October robbery.

The number of arrests was originally confirmed at 16, but a French police source told ABC News that the number arrested is 17, not all of whom were involved to the same degree in the robbery.

Sixteen were arrested in Paris and its suburbs, and one additional arrest was made in the south of France, the source added. Another French police source told ABC News that at least one woman is among those arrested and the oldest person in the group is over 70 years old.

Two traces of DNA found at the scene of the robbery helped lead investigators to those arrested, the sources said.

Five individuals dressed as policemen entered the private residence where Kardashian West was staying in the Oct. 4 heist. Police said Kardashian West was tied up and locked in a bathroom as the assailants made off with her jewels.

A spokesperson for Kardashian West said in October that "armed masked men dressed as police officers," were behind the theft, and added that the holdup left the TV personality "badly shaken but physically unharmed."

The thieves stole a jewelry box that contained valuables reportedly worth more than $6 million and a ring worth about $4 million.