Rolling Stones Share Favorite Highlights of 'Exhibitionism' Exhibit

The band talks about the hidden treasures on display.

— -- To celebrate the New York City opening of the expansive Rolling Stones exhibit "Exhibitionism" this past Saturday, the band's members attended a special red carpet event Tuesday night across the street from the attraction.

While chatting with the media, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood shared some of their favorite things about the 17,000-square-foot display, which is housed at the Industria gallery in the city's West Village neighborhood.

Jagger said he finds the exhibit interesting on many levels, because it not only features "obvious things" like various guitars the band members have played, but also the visual aspects of The Stones' career, including album and promotional artwork, films and videos, and stage designs from some of the group's tours.

"I like looking at all the different artwork," Jagger explained. "And the interaction of the graphic artists and fine artists that did some of that work, and the collaborations that we did over the years, I think there's some interesting ones."

Richards said he enjoyed the recreation of the filthy apartment that he, Jagger and the late Brian Jones shared on London's Edith Road in 1962. The dingy two-room flat is strewn with beer bottles, empty food cans, unwashed clothes and plenty of vintage blues records.

"It's uncannily accurate," said the guitar legend, adding with a laugh, "I'm looking at it and I'm going, 'I'm home!'"

Wood told the press that one of his favorite parts of the exhibit was the replica of one of the studios the band used to make some of its classic recordings. That display features various instruments and audio equipment, as well as interactive video consoles where visitors can watch interviews with the band members and producer Don Was.

The exhibit's New York run is scheduled through March 12, 2017. Visit for more details.