Rose McGowan Fires Back at People Who Say She Looks Like Michael Jackson

She posted a picture on Instagram to shut down the haters.

— -- Rose McGowan fired back after Instagram users said she looked like the late Michael Jackson.

After posting a photo captioned "Afghanistan," where the actress-singer is wearing aviator sunglasses and smiling at the camera, users on social media decided to comment.

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"She really does look like older MJ from this angle" and "Sorry but in this photo you look like Michael Jackson" were some of the comments, including thoughts about plastic surgery. But then there were also fans who defended the actress, who said, "Why are people so mean."

McGowan, 40, had surgery in 2007, including reconstruction, after a serious car accident.

The "Charmed" actress added that she was born Irish and that Jackson needed surgery to look the way he did at the end of his life.

She posted another picture of Jackson in his early years, followed by one later.

"Exactly. You dumb f***. Eat it," she wrote.