Ryan Seacrest on 'Live With Kelly & Ryan,' bracing for NYC winters

PHOTO: Kelly Ripa introduces Ryan Seacrest as the permanent co-host joining her on "LIVE with Kelly & Ryan," on ABC, May 1, 2017.PlayPawel Kaminsk/ABC
WATCH Ryan Seacrest announced as new 'Live' co-host alongside Kelly Ripa

The cat's out of the bag: Ryan Seacrest took his place next to Kelly Ripa today as co-host of "Live With Kelly & Ryan."

The first question everyone had for the hard-working media mogul was, "Is he going to move to New York City from Los Angeles?"

The answer was a resounding "yes" from Seacrest.

The former "American Idol" host, 42, admitted that there were a lot of moving parts that had to come together to make this happen and that he and Ripa had casually talked about his co-hosting years ago. But he was so "ensconced" with his other jobs, he said, the move wasn't feasible before.

Serious talks date back to this year's Oscars. Seacrest said that at the time, the duo knew "we were on the path" to this partnership.

"We've always enjoyed working together," Ripa, 46, told reporters after Seacrest's first show Monday as co-host. "It's just been being on the same coast at the same time,"

Seacrest said he will live in New York during the week and then fly back home to LA for the weekends. He also has a radio studio in NYC, so when he finishes the show at 10 a.m. ET, he can head to the studio to tape his radio show.

"I keep volunteering, if he needs any help on the radio, I'm willing, able," Ripa joked.

Ripa said Seacrest did "100 out of 10" on his first day, but that the "hazing" begins when the winters hit in New York.

"For me, I'm shifting my life to be on another coast," Seacrest told the media. "I [started] that 12 hours ago. I'm still trying to figure out what my address is."

"But honestly, it's not daunting," he continued. "She's loved by this country. She's got this companionship with the audience. I'm just happy to wing with her."

"I keep saying winter is going to be the most daunting," Ripa added.