Sandra Lee Is Home From the Hospital

The lifestyle guru was hospitalized for an infection, and had surgery Tuesday.

— -- Two days after having surgery, Sandra Lee is home from the hospital.

"Her sister Kimmy is flying in from Seattle today to help with Sandra's recovery. We can also report that [her pet birds] Phoenix and Halo are thrilled with this homecoming - and, as always, they will help with on-the-scene reporting updates of Sandra's progress," the statement read. "Thank you from us, and from Sandra for your ongoing prayers and support - and know that we hope to bring you more good news in the coming days and weeks!"

Lee, 49, went home from the hospital Wednesday night.

"Like her first surgery, day one after the operation, Sandra is up and energized, and it was the third and fourth days that were the toughest last time, but she is determined to go home later on today, even if that means 'hosting' a pick line or med line for IV infusions, as she must stay on massive antibiotics for a couple of weeks to fight against infection," they wrote Wednesday. "We're just happy that she's happy - but most importantly, we're happy because we think she's won the match!"