The Scary Prank Jennifer Aniston's Fiance Justin Theroux Pulls on Her Late at Night

This is good!

The "Cake" star, 45, spoke about the prank Theroux pulls on her late at night when she's not paying attention.

"He's so brilliant at everything he does. He's a wonderful actor, he's a brilliant comedy writer. He's also a beautiful artist ... And a beautiful human being," she said on "The Talk" about the "Leftovers" star. "He loves to scare me. He hides in closets for 20 [minutes]!"

In fact, she said he did it earlier this week!

"He was shutting down the house and I get distracted cleaning up a pile of whatever ... and I don't come right away and I'll get to the bedroom and he just comes flying out of a closet. I go, ‘Have you been waiting here for like 25 minutes? ... You, really, just 25 minutes in the closet?'" she added.

She continued that "it's fun."

Aniston also touched on the constant tabloid reports about her personal life.

"I don't pick them up," she said of the rumors in magazines. "I'll have people send a picture of a newsstand, where they'll be 'Baby Joy' or "Marriage' or 'Eloped'" she said of possible headlines.

She joked about that "close source," which she said, "Not very close, not very good friend."