Why Sinead O'Connor Overhauled Her Look

PHOTO: Sinead OConnor reveals her new look.Courtesy Donal Moloney Photography
Sinead O'Connor reveals her new look.

The web was buzzing earlier this month when photos of Sinead O'Connor surfaced for her new album and the singer looked amazing with a complete glam rock makeover.

Donal Moloney, who photographed O'Connor for her new album "I'm Not Bossy, I'm the Boss," told ABC News "she's looking the best I've seen her!"

"She's looking hot!" Moloney said. "This is a lady that's 47 years old and has four kids."

When asked has O'Connor revealed any details of her transformaion like any specific fitness regimen, Moloney said she just doesn't overdo it when she eats.

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"I don’t think it's any special diet, or secret," he said. "She just doesn't eat that much or too much. She's not a big eater."

Moloney said he was contacted six weeks ago by the "Nothing Compares to You" singer and that he noticed immediately she was really enjoying being a woman.

"I think she was always kind of tomboy in the past," he said. "She seems to be in great spirits and really happy with herself. She looks like a model for Dolce & Gabbana."

The Irish photographer even said that the clothes people are seeing of her in her wigs and with the new look are hers!

"She bought herself a sh--load of clothes," he added. "She's just enjoying being a woman and buying girly clothes."

Moloney said the new album, set to come out in August is very romantic and about relationships. O'Connor even plans to wear heels when performing onstage.

"She texted me the other day about that," he said, adding she's "never worn heels" and was worried.

"I told her wear the heels for a couple of songs, then take them off!" he added. "She's still the same Sinead. She's just cool."

As for her new look, Moloney said O'Connor is "zero percent" Photoshopped from the waist down.

Even though she is still a bit shy in front of the camera, Moloney thinks this is a new stage in O'Connor's life.

"This is a really nice phase she's going through," he said.