• Beyonce a Shade Lighter in Photo?

    Beyonce a Shade Lighter in Photo?
    Christina Aguilera has long battled comments about her weight, but the singer with the boisterous voice told Lucky that she loves her curves and showing her cleavage. However, when "The Voice" judge appears on the cover of the magazine's October 2012 issue, she seems slimmer, her eyebrows appear to be a little overarched and the words "Perfect your shape" cover her chest.
  • Celebrity Feuds

    Celebrity Feuds
    Lance Armstrong is calling out Outside magazine for what he calls a Photoshopped cover of him. The Tour de France champion appeared on the cover wearing a shirt that says "38. BFD" in large letters. "38" refers to Armstrong's age, and the acronym stands for "big f---ing deal." The cover explains in small print that the shirt is "not Armstrong's real T-shirt. On Twitter, Armstrong wrote that the text was Photoshopped into the image and called the stunt "lame bullsh**."
  • Lance: Photoshopped Cover Is 'Weak'

    Lance: Photoshopped Cover Is 'Weak'
    Kim, Kourtney and Khloe (from right to left) Kardashian pose in bikinis in an ad for Beach Bunny swimwear. Kourtney, who normally towers over her sisters at 5'10, looked almost the same height as her sisters in the ad.
  • Britney Spears Gets Glamoured Up

    Britney Spears Gets Glamoured Up
    Britney Spears was transformed into a Japanese comic by famed Japanese artist and director Takashi Murakami in POP magazine. She is dressed as a bride on the cover. "I loved working with Takashi Murakami," Spears said of the photoshoot. "I especially liked how he took high-end fashion and incorporated it with Japanese manga. We looked at a lot of character and artwork before we shot, so I could get a feel for what he was looking for. I was in Japan on my past promo tour, and I loved it."
  • Marissa Miller's Missing Arm

    Marissa Miller's Missing Arm
    Airbrushing went too far when model Marissa Miller was missing an arm while modeling a polo t-shirt for the Victoria's Secret Web Site.
  • Royal Style: Princess Kate vs. Diana

    Royal Style: Princess Kate vs. Diana
    Newsweek imagines what Princess Diana would look like at 50, putting a digitally enhanced photo of her, alongside daughter-in-law Kate Middleton, on the cover of the June 26 issue. Diana, who appears trim with only a few wrinkles, would have reached her milestone birthday on July 1.
  • Victoria's Secret Photoshop Disaster

    Victoria's Secret Photoshop Disaster
    Sarah Ferguson appears to be airbrushed on the cover of her new memoir "Finding Sarah." The Duchess of York's skin and features look like they have been altered.
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  • Victoria's Secret Photoshop Disaster

    Victoria's Secret Photoshop Disaster
    The American Medical Association cited an example that sounded a lot like the Ralph Lauren ad back in 2009 where the model's body had been pinched to a grossly teeny-tiny degree, according to <a href="">The Consumerist</a>. "Exposure to media-propagated images of unrealistic body images has been linked to eating disorders and other child and adolescent health problems," the group said in a press release. Back in 2009 Lauren released a statement apologizing for the retouching, saying, "We have addressed the problem and going forward will take every precaution to ensure that the caliber of our artwork represents our brand appropriately."
  • Kristen Stewart

    Kristen Stewart
    Kristen Stewart appears on the November cover of Glamour magazine minus part of her left arm.
    Glamour magazine
  • Vogue Italia Nixes Altered Image?

    Vogue Italia Nixes Altered Image?
    This image of 19-year-old American model Karlie Kloss was deleted from Vogue Italia's website because it was heavily altered, according to Fashion Copious, which first noticed the removal. Once it was noted, several fashion and women's websites noted the deletion of the bizarre image.
    Vogue Italila
  • Britney Spears Releases Undoctored Photos

    Britney Spears Releases Undoctored Photos
    Kelly Osbourne starred in ad campaign for St. Tropez tan that has received backlash for a featured video in which she says that getting the tan made her feel slimmer. "I looked, like, 10 pounds skinnier and it started to make me look at my body in a different way," Osbourne says in the ad. Prince Charles' charity withdrew support for the campaign after protests from a parental pressure group called "PinkStinks" mounted. "When we first saw the video we were gobsmacked," said Emma Moore, who founded PinkStinks with her twin, Abi. "There are so many damaging and mixed messages. They are talking about selfesteem and then there are pictures of Kelly Osbourne airbrushed to within an inch of her life. To have those messages endorsed by a high-profile charity seemed very wrong."
  • Beyonce Altered Image?

    Beyonce Altered Image?
    Beyonce appears to have lightened up for a new promotional photo for her latest album, 4. The singer's skin appears shades lighter than usual in a skimpy crocheted one-piece. It's not the first time. In August 2008, cosmetics giant L'Oreal was accused of "whitewashing" the star in an advertisement by digitally lightening her skin.