• Which 'SNL' Star Did Crack?

    Which 'SNL' Star Did Crack?
    Seems Tara Reid never married after all. Arriving at LAX Tuesday, a groggy Reid told a cameraman she and Zack Kehayov "never really married" during a Grecian holiday in August. "No, never legal," she said. In August, Reid broke the news that she was engaged and married in the same day. "I got engaged!," she tweeted, followed up by, "Greece married!"
  • The Girls Are Back! 'Sex and the City 2' Preview

    The Girls Are Back! 'Sex and the City 2' Preview
    According to the Hollywood Reporter, The CW will premiere "The Carrie Diaries," a prequel to "Sex and the City" which focuses on main character Carrie Bradshaw's early 1980s high school years.
    Craig Blankenhorn/Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Ashton Kutcher Scores a Mega-Trailer

    Ashton Kutcher Scores a Mega-Trailer
    Ashton Kutcher's "Two and A Half Men" trailer in Burbank, Calif. is quite impressive. The two-story mobile estate, known as "The Heat," is 53ft long and includes satellite television. Cameras mounted on the outside offer 360-degree video security and surveillance.
    Anderson Mobile Estates
  • '80s 'Hair Metal' Icon Found Dead

    '80s 'Hair Metal' Icon Found Dead
    Who doesn't remember Annie -- the curly, red-haired orphan with the big heart? Aileen Quinn, now 40, appeared on ABC's "Nightline," to discuss her life since she became famous in 1982. She said on the show, "I realize that the film was iconic and who knows if I'll ever do another iconic film but I just want to keep working as an actress - it doesn't matter if it's iconic!"
  • 'Cheers' Star Joins 'CSI' Cast

    'Cheers' Star Joins 'CSI' Cast
    Sarah Jessica Parker is featured on the August cover of Vogue magazine's age issue, alongside her twins Tabitha and Loretta. The mother of three talks about her commitment to parenthood with husband Matthew Broderick, struggles with infertility and how her life is nothing like her infamous "Sex and the City" character Carrie Bradshaw's life. "Bradshaw's life is nothing -- nothing -- like mine... Every choice we've made has been different."
  • So Long, Snooki: 'Jersey Shore' to be Recast

    So Long, Snooki: 'Jersey Shore' to be Recast
    Is it time to say goodbye to t-shirt time, Snooki's "poof" and tans? MTV's hit "Jersey Shore" is rumored to be recast after the original members tape season five this summer in Seaside Heights, N.J. Three of the show's original cast members — Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Jenni "J-Woww" Farley and Paul "DJ Pauly D" DelVecchio — have already signed up for spinoffs. The new stars will be "a lot cheaper," a source told Us Weekly magazine. The current housemates each reportedly make $100,000 per episode. MTV denies the report: "We love the present cast, and their summer adventures have just begun. We currently have no plans to recast the show."
  • Batgirl Back On Her Feet

    Batgirl Back On Her Feet
    Batgirl is back! Twenty-three years after she was shot in the back by The Joker, rendering her a paraplegic, DC Comics has decided to bring her back. Batgirl, portrayed by actress Yvonne Craig in 1960's television series, will miraculously regain the ability to walk in an issue to be released in September 2011, according to the Guardian Newspaper. Photo: Yvonne Craig as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl from the TV series "Batman."
    20th Century Fox Television/ABC
  • Meredith Viera Leaving "Today" Show

    Meredith Viera Leaving "Today" Show
    Meredith Viera announced she is leaving NBC's "Today" show in June 2011. A teary Viera revealed her decision on May 9, 2011 during an emotional moment with her co-anchors on the program. Ann Curry will take her place as co-anchor alongside Matt Lauer. Viera has been with the show for nearly five years.
    Courtesy Valleycrest Productions Ltd.
  • Report: Couric to Announce CBS Exit

    Report: Couric to Announce CBS Exit
    Lindsey Lohan had a candid interview on the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" April 27, 2011, admitting that has made mistakes ni the past, and is ready to move forward. "I feel like I've let a lot of my fans down by putting myself in situations when I was young and wasn't thinking clearly. I really just want to be the person that I aspire to be, and be the actress, and be in this industry and make movies and do what I love to do, and bring characters to life that people can relate to. And my fans have been really supportive of me doing that," she said.
  • Lebron James' Mother Arrested

    Lebron James' Mother Arrested
    Eva Longoria was brought to tears on "Piers Morgan Tonight" April 7, 2011, as she talked publicly for the first time about her failed marriage to Tony Parker. Parker and Longoria ended their four year marriage in January 2011. Of their marriage, Longoria said, "So many people want me to hate him and destroy him, but I don't want to. I want him to be happy. He's not a bad person.I do believe in forgiving and forgetting. There was a reason we were together. I just want to hold on to the good times."
  • arnold schwarzenegger

    arnold schwarzenegger
    For his next act, Arnold Schwarzenegger is coming home to familiar territory: he's going to be a superhero. The former body builder, "Terminator" star and Governor of California revealed to Entertainment Weekly that he's developing an animated TV show and comic book called "The Governator," inspired by his life story. "When I ran for governor back in 2003 and I started hearing people talking about 'the Governator,' I thought the word was so cool," Schwarzenegger, 63, told EW. "The word Governator combined two worlds: the world of politics and the movie world. And [this cartoon] brings everything together. It combines the governor, the Terminator, the bodybuilding world, the 'True Lies.'" Schwarzenegger is working with "Spider-Man" co-creator Stan Lee on the project.
  • Jodie Foster on Mel Gibson: "God, I Love That Man"

    Jodie Foster on Mel Gibson: "God, I Love That Man"
    While he'll soon be busy promoting "The Beaver," right now, Mel Gibson is dealing with his legal woes. On March 16, he was booked in connection with a misdemeanor battery charge stemming from a 2010 fight with his ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva. On March 11, Gibson was sentenced to informal probation, community service, anger management classes and $570 in fines for pleading guilty to misdemeanor battery.
    Courtesy El Segundo Police Department
  • Is That You, Heidi Klum?!?

    Is That You, Heidi Klum?!?
    Cameron Diaz revealed to Jimmy Kimmel that she enjoys watching adult films. "I love porn!" she exclaimed. Diaz went on to talk about how easy it is to order the films in hotels. "You know what I love about hotels? How discreet they are," she said. "They always give you that little thing at the bottom - 'Your room will be charged the same as any other room, no titles will be used.'" <a href="http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/video/cameron-diaz-jkl-13014213">To Watch Cameron Diaz on Kimmel CLICK HERE</a>
    ABC News
  • Gosselin is a Construction Worker?!

    Gosselin is a Construction Worker?!
    Heidi Klum gets her makeup done by a 7 year old on her new show, "Seriously Funny Kids." The half-hour series follows Klum as she interacts with children.
  • Joan Rivers Photographs Daughter While Naked

    Joan Rivers Photographs Daughter While Naked
    Jon Gosselin shown here doing construction work. TMZ printed photos of the famous father's new gig for Green Pointe Energy -- a Pennsylvania-based company that specializes in renewable energy.