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  • Amber Rose's Skirt on the Rise

    Amber Rose's Skirt on the Rise
    Amber Rose, 25, flashes her bare bottom on the red carpet at the BET Awards in Los Angeles, June 30, 2013, when a gust of wind catches her vibrant yellow and black dress. Boyfriend Wiz Khalifa seemed unaware of Rose's wardrobe malfunction.
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  • Khloe Kardashian Exposed

    Khloe Kardashian Exposed
    Kim Kardashian arrives at La Scala where she got together with Malika Haqq. The mother-to-be looked cute in a loose, striped dress with ankle strap sandals which showed off her pregnancy feet. As Kim waved hello to passerbyers and got caught up in the wind causing her dress to raise up, almost exposing a little bit too much.
  • Minaj Spills Out of Swimsuit

    Minaj Spills Out of Swimsuit
    Khloe Kardashian is the victim of a wardrobe malfunction on March 29, 2013, in Los Angeles, when a gust of wind blows up her mini-dress, revealing her 'Spanx' underneath.
  • Minaj Spills Out of Swimsuit

    Minaj Spills Out of Swimsuit
    Oops! Pop star and new "American Idol" judge Nicki Minaj exposed a little too much in the behind-the-scenes footage from her new music video. In footage from the "High School" video shoot, Minaj hops into a hot tub, but accidentally spills out of her green swimsuit.
  • Jennifer Lawrence's Dress Drama

    Jennifer Lawrence's Dress Drama
    Oops! Michelle Williams flashed black underwear under her white gown at the Los Angeles premiere of her new film, "Oz the Great and Powerful" Feb. 13, 2013, in Hollywood, Calif. The actress' white Prada gown had a slit up to her hip which was bound to have a wardrobe malfunction. But her Kate Young for Target clutch did blend into her ensemble. "Oz the Great and Powerful" is a Disney production.
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  • Rihanna's Major Wardrobe Oops

    Rihanna's Major Wardrobe Oops
    Jennifer Lawrence looked like she had a torn dress on her hands when she accepted her SAG award on Jan. 27, 2013, but it turns out she only showed off a bit of lining. The "Silver Linings Playbook" star exposed the mesh lining of her Dior gown when she stumbled while walking up to the podium.
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  • Jennifer Lawrence's Dress Drama

    Jennifer Lawrence's Dress Drama
    Rihanna had a major fashion oops while leaving a Los Angeles nightclub Jan. 24, 2013. The singer wore a think black dress that was completely see through when the camera flashes hit it. Her black panties were visible through the dress as well as the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra.
  • Gaga Splits Her Pants on Stage

    Gaga Splits Her Pants on Stage
    Actress Eva Longoria suffered a wardrobe malfunction while posing with hairstylist Ken Paves on the red carpet at the InStyle and Warner Bros. Golden Globe party at The Beverly Hilton Hotel, Jan. 13, 2013 in Beverly Hills.
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  • Lady Gaga's split pants

    Lady Gaga's split pants
    Lady Gaga suffered a major wardrobe malfunction when her leather pants split while she was on stage at a show in Vancouver, Canada. The 26-year-old reportedly kept on performing as if nothing happened.
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  • 'Twilight' Star's Wardrobe Malfunction

    'Twilight' Star's Wardrobe Malfunction
    Dressing down is all good, but Nick Nolte took that philosophy a little too far when he showed up at the "Gangster Squad" Los Angeles premiere on Jan. 7, 2013 in a bathrobe and slipper-like shoes.
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  • 'Twilight' Star's Wardrobe Malfunction

    'Twilight' Star's Wardrobe Malfunction
    British model Kate Moss and her husband Jamie Hince hit the beach in St Barts on December 19, 2012.
  • Anne's Wardrobe Malfunction

    Anne's Wardrobe Malfunction
    Days after Anne Hathaway flashed the paparazzi during "Les Miserables" New York premiere, "Twilight" actress Elizabeth Reaser suffers a similar fate during a press conference in Hong Kong Dec. 12, 2012. Reaser revealed a bit too much as she sat down in her sequinned minidress, but laughed off the mishap.
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  • Demi Moore Lets It All Hang Out

    Demi Moore Lets It All Hang Out
    Oh Anne, this is just miserable. Anne Hathaway flashed the paparazzi when she arrived at the NYC "Les Miserables" premiere on Dec. 10. She ditched underwear because her Tom Ford dress was so tight, but told Vanity Fair that her Britney Spears moment was "devastating." "They saw everything," she said. "I might as well have lifted up my skirt for them."
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  • Kardashian's Revealing Top

    Kardashian's Revealing Top
    Demi Moore was so down to party in Miami, she forgot to cross her legs. The 50-year-old actress attended an Art Basel bash with Lenny Kravitz on Dec. 5. They danced and laughed, and Moore snapped a few pics with George Clooney's girlfriend. Her short gray romper kept her thighs on display throughout the night.
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  • Kelly Osbourne's Unladylike Oops

    Kelly Osbourne's Unladylike Oops
    Khloe Kardashian Odom should've layered before stepping out as the new co-host of Fox's "The X Factor." The Kardashian sister left little to the imagination with a too-sheer blouse. On stage, she seemed unphased, but later tweeted, "I think I had a little nip action earlier. LOL."
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  • Kelly Osbourne's Wardrobe Malfunction

    Kelly Osbourne's Wardrobe Malfunction
    Kelly Osbourne made a major faux pas while hosting an E! event in Mexico City Oct. 17, forgetting to keep her legs together while wearing a black mini skirt.
  • Kim K.'s Dress Splits, Again

    Kim K.'s Dress Splits, Again
    Penelope Cruz seems to have accidentally revealed her underwear while filming a scene from her new film "The Counselor" at Alicante Airport in Spain on September 27, 2012. The Ridley Scott film, about a lawyer who gets involved in drug trafficking, also stars Michael Fassbinder and Brad Pitt.
  • Star's Son Reveals Her Breast

    Star's Son Reveals Her Breast
    This green velvet dress couldn't handle Kim Kardashian's curves. The reality TV star donned green in honor of Midori melon liquor for an event in Santa Monica. From the front, she looked fine, but the back of her dress was literally busting open at the seams. Last summer, a similarly shaped black leather dress split before her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel's show.
  • Emma's Chest-Baring Dress

    Emma's Chest-Baring Dress
    Oops! Maybe Selma Blair shouldn't have worn a button down. The actress' son, Arthur, grabbed her chest and revealed a bit too much of her breast while they went for a walk in Studio City, Calif. on Sept. 17.
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  • Marcia Cross Flashes Underwear

    Marcia Cross Flashes Underwear
    Emma Watson's dress threatened to show a bit more of her chest than she might have wanted at a screening of her latest movie, "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," in New York on Sept. 13.
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  • Lawrence Flashes Orange Bra

    Lawrence Flashes Orange Bra
    Marcia Cross <a href="" target="external">flashes her nude underwear</a> while out with her twin daughters, Eden and Savannah, for a day at the beach on Aug. 22, 2012.
  • Jennifer Lawrence Flashes Orange Bra

    Jennifer Lawrence Flashes Orange Bra
    "Hunger Games" actress Jennifer Lawrence flahsed her bright orange bra in a skimpy black romper when she went to a costume rental store in Sherman Oaks, Calif., Aug. 10, 2012. The 21-year-old actress is usually a little more covered up when running errands, usually sporting t-shirts and long skirts or pants.
  • Karolina Kurkova's Sexy Shoot

    Karolina Kurkova's Sexy Shoot
    The world found out the secret body of "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" star Francia Raisa at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards. A gust of wind blew Raisa's dress up on the red carpet. The 23-year-old actress took the mishap in style, laughing it off and likely thanking her lucky stars that she was wearing full coverage shorts.
  • Sofia Vergara's Peek-A-Boo Bra

    Sofia Vergara's Peek-A-Boo Bra
    Karolina Kurkova impersonated Marilyn Monroe a bit too well during a photo shoot in St. Tropez, France. The 28-year-old Victoria's Secret model showed nearly all of her rear end.
  • Sofia Vergara

    Sofia Vergara
    Sofia Vergara showed some skin and more while out shopping with friends in Milan, much to the appreciation of the Italian men.
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  • Sofia Vergara's Dress Mishap

    Sofia Vergara's Dress Mishap
    Katy Perry wears a nude bodysuit while accepting an Award for "UR Fave International Artist" at the 2012 Much Music Video Awards in Toronto, Canada, June 17, 2012. The pop star had to do some quick thinking and cover up her backside with her award as she exited the stage after picking up her award.
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  • Sofia Vergara

    Sofia Vergara
    Sofia Vergara couldn't keep her dress up when she went out with boyfriend Nick Loeb in New York on June 9. The "Modern Family" star struggled with her dress straps while leaving the Four Seasons hotel.
  • Supermodel's Wardrobe Mishap?

    Supermodel's Wardrobe Mishap?
    Kim Kardashian's leather dress just couldn't handle her. After greeting fans outside "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on June 6, Kardashian's zipper broke, and she tweeted a photo of her wardrobe malfunction.
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  • Naomi Campbell Malfunction

    Naomi Campbell Malfunction
    Naomi Campbell and Antonio Banderas arriving at the 'Life Ball' in Vienna, Austria. Naomi Campbell had trouble holding up her dress as she arrived with Antonio, May 22, 2012.
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  • Princess Wardrobe Malfunction?

    Princess Wardrobe Malfunction?
    Forget Angelina Jolie's right leg. Model Anja Rubik showed an unprecedented amount of lower body flesh at the 2012 Met Gala on May 7, flashing her hip and pelvis in an Anthony Vaccarello dress.
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  • Venus Williams' wardrobe malfunction

    Venus Williams' wardrobe malfunction
    Venus Williams kept her cool when the left strap on her self-designed eleVen dress snapped during a tennis match against Italian tennis player Flavia Pennetta in Milan. The elder Williams sister quickly covered the problem and left the court to change, bringing back some popcorn for Pennetta and treating the fashion-savvy crowd to a new outfit.
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  • Nancy Grace's Dancing Flash

    Nancy Grace's Dancing Flash
    Nancy Grace suffered a major wardrobe malfunction in week two of ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" when, after an energetic performance with partner Tristan MacManus, her breast spilled out of her dress. Grace hid her face as host Tom Bergeron joked, "On the European version that would be perfectly fine."
  • Lindsay Lohan's Major Wardrobe Malfunction

    Lindsay Lohan's Major Wardrobe Malfunction
    Perhaps Khloe Kardashian should put more thought into her morning TV wardrobe. On "Fox & Friends," her sheer blouse exposed her chest for a full six minutes, and it wasn't the show's hosts who finally alerted the reality TV star -- it was her online fans. Later, on "Live! with Regis and Kelly," she gave the aging Regis Philbin an eyeful when she danced in front of him in the same top.
    ABC News
  • Sean Penn's Spankin' New Jeans

    Sean Penn's Spankin' New Jeans
    Eva Longoria's appearance on David Letterman's talk show almost turned R-rated when her tuxedo jacket popped open, threatening to reveal her chest. "Oh my button!," Longoria exclaimed before quickly covering her chest and saying to Letterman, "I'm sorry… but you didn't see anything." The newly single "Desperate Housewives" actress was on the show to promote her book, "Eva's Kitchen: Cooking With Love For Family & Friends."
  • Ouch! Winona Ryder's Tight Dress

    Ouch! Winona Ryder's Tight Dress
    Oscars co-presenter Anne Hathaway experienced a wardrobe malfunction while promoting an ad for this year's Academy Awards. As her dressed slipped off of her shoulder, co-host James Franco ran oher rescue, throwing a red blanket around the star.
    ABC News
  • Winona Ryder Cringes in Pain

    Winona Ryder Cringes in Pain
    Winona Ryder seemed distracted while discussing her new movies "Black Swan" and "The Dilemma" on the British morning show "Daybreak." The 39-year-old actress fidgeted with her skin-tight dress while comparing her role as an aging ballerina in "Black Swan" to getting older in Hollywood. "It's definitely a lot of parallels," she said.
    Daily Mail
  • Wardrobe Malfunctions: Venus Williams

    Wardrobe Malfunctions: Venus Williams
    Venus Williams gave fans a little more than they bargained for when she exposed her nude underwear while playing in the Australian Open Jan. 23, 2010, in Melbourne, Australia.
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  • Wardrobe malfunction Britney Spears

    Wardrobe malfunction Britney Spears
    Britney Spears looks as if she's squeezed into her bra, which she wore under a sheer, pink shirt as she left a mall in Los Angeles Jan. 18, 2010.
  • H'Wood's Clothing Mishaps

    H'Wood's Clothing Mishaps
    Mariah Carey had a major "woops!" moment on the "Jay Leno Show" Nov. 2, 2009, in Los Angeles when she tripped while making her entrance and almost toppled out of her skintight dress. She later joked that she choreographed the move to make Leno nervous.
    ABC News
  • Wardrobe Malfunctions

    Wardrobe Malfunctions
    What do you do when you're about to get on the blocks and your swimsuit rips, and at a world championships, no less? Ricky Berens had no time to fix the cheeky situation and had no choice but to swim and bare it. Berens of the U.S. dove into the pool wearing a bodysuit that split just before starting his leg of the men's 4x100-m relay at the FINA Swimming World Championships in Rome, July 26, 2009. Berens is shown in this August 13, 2008 inset photo at the Beijing Olympics.
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