Can You Spot the Greatest Movie Extra of all Time?

Jesse Heiman's been an extra in dozens of movies and TV shows. Can you spot him?

June 20, 2011— -- At home in Los Angeles, Jesse Heiman can drink a latte unmolested by adoring ladies, can go to the grocery store without guys begging him for his secret. Yet Heiman is one of Hollywood's more prolific actors.

He's starred in dozens of popular films and TV shows: "The Social Network," "Old School," "American Pie II," "Austin Powers: Goldmember," "Spiderman," "Catch Me If You Can," "Bones" and "My Name Is Earl" just to name a few.

Heiman is a full-time movie extra, just part of the scenery, until someone in Sweden compiled a "Where's Waldo"-style movie reel of Heiman's appearances and posted it on Youtube. The video now has well over 2 million views.

"My parents gave me an ultimatum: Find a job or come back to Texas," Heiman told ABC News' Nick Watt. "So I went and signed up for extra work and I was working that night on a movie called 'Rat Race.'"

We watched the 2001 movie "Rat Race" over and over again, rewinding, pausing, and fast-forwarding again, but we couldn't find Heiman in this one. Now it's your turn.

Watch Nick Watt's profile of Jesse Heiman in the video player at the top of this page, find the cougar club scene, and see if you can spot Jesse Heiman.

Note what he's wearing, what he's doing, and where he's located in the scene, and tweet your answer to Nick Watt @nickwattabc. You could win a signed photo of Jesse!