10 Celebs With Unusual Child-Rearing Tactics

Hilary Swank's boyfriend's six-year-old son is one lucky little dude.

He gets to see some, uh, things that older guys would kill to catch a glimpse of. That's is, Hilary's everything. Why? Well, in an interview with Marie Claire, the actress said, "My boyfriend's son is 6 years old, and you wonder at what age you should stop walking around nude. Every morning he comes into the bedroom, and you're just nude."

Now, I was raised in a very, very open environment. My mom walked around the house naked on a regular basis and she always encouraged me to, if I felt like it. But when my Dad is near, I keep myself covered up. And you can bet my father didn't hang around me and my sister with his dong swinging to and fro. Hilary's habit is a little weird but she is definitely not the worst offender. Check out some other celebs with questionable parenting tactics.

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Dina Lohan, Lindsay and Ali's mother, is a notoriously wacky parent. She has been seen partying with her kids numerous times and is often accused of trying to get famous by using her daughter. She publicly visited LiLo when she was in rehab, causing camera crews to show up at the hospital. News of the World even published a pic of Dina, in which she was allegedly teaching Lindsay how to do drugs. [NY Post]

Then there's Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley's dad, whose relationship with his daughter has awkwardly sexual overtones. He didn't seem to mind at all when she pole danced at the Teen Choice Awards. In fact, he defended it. And we still shudder when we think of that Vanity Fair photo shoot where Miley and Billy look more like boyfriend and girlfriend than father and daughter. Billy says he's, "just a daddy that loves his daughter a whole lot." Yeah, dude, we got that. [OC Register]

We hope Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are better at parenting than they are at picking names. Their kid, Bronx Mowgli, is probably going to get picked on for, like, the rest of his life. Good job, guys.

When Will Smith's wife, Jada, is out of town he lets his kids, Willow and Jaden, have chocolate for breakfast. Jada seems like the more controlling of the two. She likes to act as her children's banker. She said, "They have to come to me and write up a little slip when they want a withdrawal. You make it clear to them that this is their money and things they want they'll be paying for." Some kids get an allowance, others have to engage in a weird role-playing game? [The Insider]

A lot of kids look up to their parents. But David and Victoria Beckham's kids seem to be admiring the wrong things. In July, David admitted that his kids want tats just like him. One of them even asked how much longer he had to wait before getting inked up. [Contact Music]

Gwyneth Paltrow once posted a rant on her website saying that shampoo was harmful to children. Her kids, Apple and Moses, also refer to Jay-Z as "uncle." So, basically, Gwyneth's kids are dirty and they have weird role models. [Exposay]

I think we can all agree that Britney Spears is a little unusual in the parenting department. We weren't sure what to think when she took Jayden James and Sean Preston on her Circus tour. But, according to BritBrit, it was Madonna who convinced her to take the tots along for the ride. [AOL UK]

Speaking of Madonna...when she separated from Guy Ritchie, she allegedly set some pretty outrageous rules for his visitations with their children. In addition to only giving them macrobiotic food and Kabbalah-blessed water, he isn't allowed to let the kids read newspapers or magazine. TV shows and DVDs were also strictly forbidden. So, uh, how are they supposed to learn anything? [Starpulse]