Steve Harvey to Clear the Air With Miss Universe and Miss Colombia

"This finally gives me a chance to have a moment of closure," Harvey said.

In the preview clips, Harvey reveals that he will be speaking with both Miss Universe and Miss Colombia, whom he said are "the two people who were affected the most."

"No matter how tough it was for me, I can’t imagine how it was for these two women," Harvey said. "This finally gives me a chance to have a moment of closure."

In one preview clip, Harvey explained how his wife supported him through the aftermath of the Miss Universe mix-up.

In another preview clip, Harvey explained why he took it upon himself to walk back onstage and correct his mistake on live television. The 58-year-old talk show host revealed that he would "do it again if [he] had to."

In a preview clip with Wurtzbach, the Miss Universe winner told Harvey not to "beat [himself] up for this anymore" and to "just be happy."

The two-day special television event, called “Miss Universe: The Truth,” will air Monday, Jan. 18 and Tuesday, Jan. 19.