Black Crowes Take a Break

The Black Crowes are going their separate ways — and it could be for good.

After 10 years of hit-making, the Southern rockers are "taking a hiatus," according to the band's publicist.

"For the time being, Chris Robinson is pursuing a solo career," a press release states.

"[Drummer] Steve Gorman has left the band for personal reasons. Stay tuned for news about Rich Robinson." ‘I Wouldn’t Mind Writing for Other People’

The Crowes first rocketed up the charts with the 1990 hit "Shake Your Money Maker," but the relationship between brothers Chris and Rich Robinson has been contentious. There's been increased speculation about the band's demise after its most recent album, Lions, failed to sell as well as expected.

"I wouldn't mind writng for other people, and maybe even producing records and scoring," Rich, the lead guitarist, told ABCNEWS Radio last year.

Last year, Chris, the frontman, married Kate Hudson, who played the groupie in Cameron Crowe's film Almost Famous. Gossip pages have reported that her presence has fueled dissent between the brothers.