Stone Temple Pilot Singer Allegedly Had Scuffle With Wife

Scott Weiland, lead singer for the Stone Temple Pilots, was arrested at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas on charges related to domestic violence.

Weiland and his wife Marry had an argument in their hotel room and he was arrested at about 2 a.m. Monday night, police told ABCNEWS Radio. "We responded to a call of domestic violence," said Las Vegas Police Lt. Vincent Cannito.

"We found out that he abused his wife and he was arrested for domestic violence accordingly."

The incident reportedly took place when Weiland tried to leave the room, and his wife attempted to stop him from exiting. The law required that he be held in custody for 12 hours.

Weiland: ‘I Might Be a Failure at Love’

The 34-year-old singer was released in time for the band's show at the Hard Rock. He took stage in a cowboy hat and priest outfit. When he removed his hat, flashing his Mohawk hairdo, there appeared to be signs that he had been in a scuffle on his freshly shaven head. On both sides, there appeared to be fresh cuts and bruises.

"I might be a failure at love," he told the crowd about an hour into the show. "But I've written a few good songs in my time." Weiland has struggled with drug abuse and has had several brushes with the law, even as the Stone Temple Pilots followed the lead of other mid-1990s grunge-era acts, like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, to the top of the charts.

As the band's second album was climbing the charts, Weiland's heroin addiction was widely reported and he went into rehab.

Just before a June 1996 gig in New York City, he was arrested on heroin possession charges and later pleaded guilty.

After one relapse, the band was forced to cancel a tour and subsequently recorded with a different singer under the name Talk Show. Weiland went solo to record 12 Bar Blues in 1998, and the band's future seemed to be in jeopardy.

Police did not indicate that drug charges were connected to his latest arrest.

The Stone Temple Pilots are expected to play in Vegas again today. Weiland is then expected to take some time off for knee surgery before the band plays a New Year's Eve gig at Hard Rock Live in Orlando. ABCNEWS Radio's Al Mancini in Las Vegas and's Buck Wolf contributed to this report.