Hong Kong Stars Flock to Hero

It's triple the Hong Kong superstar action as Jet Li, Maggie Cheung, and Tony Leung sign up for the historical epic Hero, for acclaimed director Zhang Yimou, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Just to get the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon comparisons out of the way right now, the film will co-star Dragon's female warrior Zhang Ziyi, and shares a producer with Ang Lee's Oscar-winning film. Hero is set two centuries before the Chinese Empire, in China's warring states period. "The film has started shooting in mainland China," the director told the Reporter from Hong Kong, adding that it will be filmed in several different languages

Cheung and Leung previously co-starred in Wong Kar-Wai's romantic drama In the Mood for Love. Li, who turned down the role in Dragon that went to Chow Yun-Fat, has the sci-fi action film The One, opening Friday.