Widow of Anthony Perkins on Doomed Flight

Actress/photographer Berry Berenson, the 53-year-old widow of the late actor Anthony Perkins, was among those killed yesterday on American Airlines Flight 11 when it was crashed by hijackers into the World Trade Center, according to a partial list of victims released by The Associated Press. Also on board the doomed flight, which was scheduled to fly from Boston to Los Angeles, was Frasier co-creator David Angell and his wife, Lynn

All of the 266 people aboard yesterday's four hijacked airliners died in the subsequent crashes. Two hundred people are believed dead from the attack on the Pentagon in Washington D.C., according to the latest estimates. New York authorities have yet to release an official death toll from the World Trade Center attack, but the count is feared to be in the thousands.

Berenson, whose acting credits include roles in the 1982 film Cat People and the 1980 television mini-series Scruples, also shot several covers for Life magazine.

She is survived by two grown sons, including fledgling actor Osgood Perkins, who recently co-starred in the Reese Witherspoon film Legally Blonde. Her sister is actress Marisa Berenson, who appeared in the 1972 Oscar-winning film Cabaret.

Anthony Perkins, best known for his role as Norman Bates in 1960's Psycho, died on Sept. 12, 1992 — exactly nine years ago.

Berenson recently gave an interview to author and friend David Kessler, one of the country's foremost expert in grief and loss, for his book Life Lessons, Entertainment Tonight reported. This was the only time she spoke publicly about losing her husband. She said she did the interview in order to help other people deal with loss and tragedy.

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