Jolie, Parker, Crowe Deemed Fashion 'Risk Takers'

Remember the frilly ostrich-feather dress Sarah Jessica Parker wore at last year's Emmy Awards? How about Russell Crowe's self-designed Oscar tuxedo that dripped with frogging?

You may call these one-of-a-kind, awards-show outfits fashion faux pas, but People magazine calls their wearers the "Best Risk Takers" on its annual list of best- and worst-dressed stars. Swaggering star Crowe, who's more often seen in a flannel shirt and jeans than a suit, is admired for wearing his clothes with attitude, while Sex and the City's Parker is considered an "influential trendsetter." People's fashion "expert" Steven Cojocaru gushes about another "Risk Taker," Tomb Raider babe Angelina Jolie, "When she dresses up, she's an absolute goddess. And with the Billy Bob tattoo, she has that exciting good-girl, bad-girl thing going on."

The magazine also names designer-clad femmes Julia Roberts, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Penélope Cruz, and Gwyneth Paltrow as their "Best Glamour Girls," and recognizes Renée Zellweger, Demi Moore, and Lisa Kudrow as the "Most Improved" celebrity dressers of 2001. Breaking Fashion's 'Seven Deadly Sins' E!'s fashion critic Melissa Rivers routinely dishes out fashion abuse, but can she take it from someone else? People's panel considers her to rank among the "Worst Dressed." Ditto for Juliette Binoche (no doubt for her odd flapper get-up at this year's Oscars) and Boys Don't Cry Oscar-winner Hilary Swank.

Heartbreakers' hottie Jennifer Love Hewitt is dubbed "Young and Dowdy," as are Melissa Joan Hart and Mena Suvari, while fellow young lovely Kate Hudson is praised for "revolutioniz[ing] the way a Hollywood ingénue dresses."

Stars who've been found guilty of breaking fashion's "Seven Deadly Sins," include Martha Stewart (wearing panty hose with open-toe shoes), Bruce Willis (socks with sandals), and Kathie Lee Gifford (inadequate support — which means "Wear a bra!").