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August 30, 2001 -- The former porn star being sued by Tom Cruise for reportedly claiming the superstar was his boyfriend will not contest Cruise's $100 million suit, the BBC reports.Chad Slater, who goes by the name of Kyle Bradford, claims he never gave the French magazine interview in question and has never met the Eyes Wide Shut star. However, he says he does not want to go to court to spare his parents, who didn't know that he was gay before the story ran in French gossip magazine Acustar

Slater filed court papers saying he will not contest Cruise's case, which was due for a hearing in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday. He also said that he would be forced to declare bankruptcy if Cruise pursued legal action against him. Acustar has since printed a retraction.

Harrison Ford's Wife Hires Cruise's AttorneyIn other Cruise-related legal news, screenwriter Melissa Mathison has obtained the services of Cruise's divorce attorney, Dennis Wasser, in her suit against her husband of 18 years, Harrison Ford.A Jackson, Wyo. neighbor of the Fords dishes that Mathison had grown tired of her famous husband's "moodiness and reclusiveness." Claims the neighbor, "Melissa is even-tempered enough to handle it — to a point. Frankly, I think many women who aren't as sweet as she is might have left him a long time ago."

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