Music Notes: Aerosmith at Yahoo! Awards

Dave Matthews is getting a double dose of fatherhood.

The singer, who earned a loyal following through constant touring with his band, is the proud father of twin girls. His wife Ashley gave birth to the fraternal twins Grace and Stella last week , according to the singers' publicist.

"We're all gonna learn from the children," Matthews told ABC Radio in May. "[I'm] hoping they'll come out of the womb perfect and spread a little bit of their perfection onto us."

The girls will most likely bring some changes for the singer who formed his band in Charlottesville, Va., in the early 1990s.

The Dave Matthews Bands' relaxed mix of acoustic guitars and horns is typically a fan favorite, with the group ranking among the most profitable tours of the season most years.

Camping Oasis

Americans may be tired of the Gallagher brothers' antics, but don't tell that to the Brits. In the UK Oasis is still a beloved pop band.

Fans camped out for a day and a half to buy tickets to the group's upcoming anniversary tour, with the six concerts selling out in an hour, according to Reuters.

The group was noted for emulating the Beatles sound with hits like What's the Story Morning Glory. Oasis will celebrate its 10th anniversary with the mini-tour at small venues in the U.K.

Aerosmith, Townshend Award Show Duty

Aerosmith and Pete Townshend are lining up their next awards show appearances.

The classic rockers will appear at the fourth annual Online Music Awards, presented by Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine.

The event honors individuals who have embraced new technology in the music industry.

Townshend will also receive the pioneer award and is being honored for his use of the Web to connect with his fans. The award will be presented next month during a private ceremony in New York.


Bruce Springsteen made another one of his infamous surprise appearances in New Jersey over the weekend. He jammed with his guitar and harmonica for a half hour during a festival in Asbury Park, dedicating his song "My City of Ruins" to the shore town which has lost its luster. … Bono has been flying back to Dublin each night after U2's European concerts to visit his father who is suffering from cancer. … And Mick Jagger has a name for his solo album — Goddess in the Doorway — it's expected out Nov. 6.

ABCNEWS Radio and's Nancy Chandross contributed to this report.