Eminem to Pay Mom $1,600

ByABC News

August 7, 2001 -- Potty-mouthed rapper and all-around offender Eminem must be feeling some satisfaction over the latest — and hopefully final — chapter in the $11 million defamation of character lawsuit brought against him by his mother, Debbie Mathers, the object of derision in several of his songs on The Slim Shady LP.

Macomb, Mich., County Circuit Court Judge Mark Switalski ruled yesterday that Mathers is entitled to only $1,600 of the $25,000 settlement he'd awarded her in June, the AP reports. The rest of the money, the judge says, belongs to Mathers' attorney, Fred Gibson. Mathers, it seems, made a bad deal with Gibson concerning her ex-husband, John Briggs, which entitled the lawyer to more than the standard one-third of the settlement.

Her darling son, meanwhile, has been accused of plotting an attack on rival Detroit rappers Esham and T.N.T., who belong to the group Natas. Eminem wasn't present when his group, D12, allegedly started a rumble with Natas during a Warped Tour stop in Camden, N.J., last Friday night, but that hasn't stopped him from being implicated.

"He didn't even show up for the tour. That's how premeditated this was," Esham told Billboard.com. Eminem's camp had no immediate comment.

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