Rep Denies Carey Tried to Commit Suicide

Mariah Carey's rep is denying reports that the singer, who is now under psychiatric care following a "physical and emotional collapse," tried to kill herself.

The 32-year-old star checked herself into the hospital July 25 for "extreme exhaustion," her publicist, Cindi Berger, said last week. The multi-octaved singer's condition has now been termed a nervous breakdown by her rep — and labeled a suicide attempt by New York and London tabs.

The New York Daily News reports that Carey's mother, Patricia, called 911 after Mariah cut herself on broken glass at her New York home, which Berger confirmed to the paper. However, Carey's rep says that the incident was not a suicide attempt. "She did break some dishes and glasses, and she may have stepped on them," Berger tells the Daily News.

Berger also denies that the singer's collapse is due to drugs or alcohol. "She literally was on no sleep," she tells People magazine.

Carey's mother, who accompanied her daughter to the facility, tells the magazine that her daughter is "finally getting some much-needed rest."

The pop star's collapse is being attributed to her grueling schedule in promoting her new album and two new films. Other strains may be the rumored end of her three-year relationship with Latin singer Luis Miguel and the lackluster sales of her new single, "Loverboy." The first single from the Glitter soundtrack was stalled at No. 60 on the Billboard charts until Virgin slashed the price of the single to 49 cents, after which it rose to No. 2.

Friends of the singer also suspect a plot by Sony Music Entertainment chief Tommy Mottola (who is also her ex-husband), 53, to derail Carey's career by feeding damaging rumors (such as a feud with fellow diva Janet Jackson) to the media. Mottola wants revenge "because she left him, and she's out of his hands," a friend of Carey's tells People.