Two All Saints to Confess All

LONDON (Reuters) — Former All Saints sisters Nicole and Natalie Appleton will write a joint autobiography spilling the beans on their high-profile love lives and the feuding that broke up the British pop band, Penguin Books said today.

The sisters' blond good looks and roller-coaster celebrity relationships have made them regular fixtures in showbiz columns and magazines, often eclipsing the band's musical achievements.

Penguin's publishing director, Tom Weldon, said he bought the book on the basis of a 75-page synopsis in which the sisters promised to reveal the reasons for the band's split and talk about the men in their lives.

"This is the frankest proposal for an autobiography I have ever read. Some of the stories the Appletons are going to tell are breathtakingly candid."

Nicole Appleton was engaged to pop star Robbie Williams before moving on to his archrival, Liam Gallagher of Oasis. She is now expecting Gallagher's baby.

Natalie Appleton is engaged to Liam Howlett from The Prodigy after going out with pop presenter Jamie Theakston and actor Jonny Lee Miller.

The All Saints sold more than 10 million albums worldwide before splitting up in January of this year.

The Appletons have signed a deal with Warner Bros. to produce an album together and are currently working on their first single.

The other two All Saints, Mel Blatt and Shaznay Lewis, have embarked on solo projects.

Weldon said the book would be published toward the end of 2002.