TV Notes: 'Survivor' Reject Wants to Act

Jerri Manthey couldn't stick it out till the bitter end on Survivor II, but she thinks she's got what it takes to join the sisterhood of sorceresses on Charmed.

The departure of Shannen Doherty has left an opening for a new witch on the WB show, and TV Guide is asking its readers who would be the best choice to join Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs in the coven.

The magazine says Manthey wants the role. "I'm all over it," she said.

Alas, Aaron Spelling TV doesn't think the Outback outcast is the right one to fill Prue's shoes. "Frankly, I just don't see it," a rep said. "But thank you for making me laugh."

Other actresses TV Guide is suggesting to complete the Power of Three include Grosse Pointe star Irene Molloy and Jennie Garth, who co-starred as best friend and chief romantic rival to Doherty's Brenda on Beverly Hills 90210.

In Search of Self-Esteem?

Oscar-winning actress Diane Keaton has already helmed a number of films, so it's not likely she'll be seeking any advice as she tries her hand at directing and producing a TV pilot for Fox. But if she does feel the need for advice, she won't be calling Woody Allen.

The two worked together on eight movies, including Annie Hall, and were romantically involved as well (long before that Mia Farrow-Soon-Yi Previn mess), but Keaton tells TV Guide the Woodman considers her stupid.

"He thinks I'm an idiot. He does. Call him up and ask him and he'll tell you," she said. "The truth is, he thinks I'm an idiot, but he likes me."

Keaton's as-yet-untitled pilot follows the fortunes of a high-powered publishing family.

Hogan Hitting the Silver Screen?

Think Hollywood has run out of old TV shows to turn into movies? Not a chance! Get ready for a big-screen version of Hogan's Heroes.

Daily Variety reports Revolution Studios is developing a movie version of the sitcom, which ran from 1965-71 and followed the antics of a group of Allied POWs who were always outsmarting those silly Nazis. The late Bob Crane starred as Col. Hogan, while the late Werner Klemperer played the easily befuddled Col. Klink.

Believe it or not, Tinseltown has been interested in producing a movie version of the World War II comedy for many years. Mel Gibson almost signed on in 1998, but dropped out to pursue other projects.

Variety reports another, darker Hogan-related movie is in the works. This one focuses on the sexcapades of star Crane, who was bludgeoned to death in 1978.


Who's really the Weakest Link? Anne Robinson says if she were a contestant on her hit game show, she would be voted off early because she doesn't know "the sort of trivia" she grills her guests about. "I would be hopeless," the Queen of Mean told CNN's Larry King Live. … And rival game show host Regis Philbin broke his own Susan Lucci-like losing streak at the Daytime Emmy Awards. On Friday, he collected two trophies after going home empty-handed for the past 10 years. Reege was named best game show host for Who Wants to be a Millionaire and best talk show host for his work on Live With Regis.