Music Notes: Jackson, Santana Duet

First Carlos Santana revived his career with a series of big-name duets. Now Michael Jackson is looking to churn out a hit with the help of this same performer.

The two reportedly have teamed up on a song, expected to be included on Jackson's upcoming album.

"I was very honored that he called on me to work with him, and I love the song," Santana told "He gave me a call last week, and he was really happy with it."

Santana swept the 1999 Grammys with his album Supernatural, which featured a series of guest performers including Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean, Everlast and Matchbox Twenty's Rob Thomas.

Alanis in the Desert

Forget the studio. MTV is flying musicians to exotic places to perform on its new series, Music in High Places.

Among the performers appearing on the series are Collective Soul, Shawn Colvin and Alanis Morissette, who chose to perform with Navajos in Arizona for her segment.

"Going somewhere close to home, close to California was exciting, because I knew there was a whole world that I hadn't explored yet," Morisette said.

"Once I got there, it was really my being a student of sorts, and absorbing their culture, hearing their take on their own relationship with their spirituality, and with the earth, and with their family and their sense of community, and being able to sing with no sound system," she said.

Singer-songwriter Colvin performed with tribal drummers in Bora-Bora. She says the opportunity brought her a free vacation, and some elusive airtime on a network not generally favoring her style of music.

"I just can't believe I'm gonna be on MTV!" she said.

Dave Matthews Moonlights

Apparantly heading up one of the biggest acts in rock isn't enough work for some people.

Dave Matthews is lending his voice to two of his musical pals. Rolling Stone's Web site reports he appears on three tracks on the new album from singer-songwriter Chris Whitley. Matthews also plays guitar on the album, called Rocket House.

Matthews and his drummer, Carter Beauford, can also be heard on jazz trumpeter John D'Earth's upcoming album Mercury. D'Earth hails from the Dave Matthews Band's adopted hometown of Charlottesville, Va.


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ABCNEWS Radio and's Buck Wolf and Nancy Chandross contributed to this report.