Holy Brando! Marlon Rates Scary Salary

Marlon Brando and Marlon Wayans — together at last.

The Oscar-winning thespian joins Wayans and his brothers Keenen Ivory and Shawn in the sequel to last summer's smash R-rated horror spoof, Scary Movie.

For a cameo as a priest in a scene that apparently will spoof The Exorcist, the corpulent Method actor is said by Variety to be getting a cool million. MSNBC's Jeannette Walls put the figure at $2 million for a mere four days of work — which is almost as outrageous a rate as the actor got for his similarly brief work in Superman.

Walls also dishes that the brothers Weinstein, who run Dimension Films, first tried to get Moses, er, Charlton Heston for the role, but the Omega Man star turned them down. (Heston isn't without a sense of humor: He's doing a cameo in the Planet of the Apes remake).

The statement released by Bob Weinstein was appropriate for this kind of high-profile stunt casting: "In an unprecedented move, Dimension Films has landed movie icon Marlon Brando in a wild, comedic turn."

Unprecedented, yes. Wild, we'll give you (Brando did once star as a studly biker in the '50s motorcycle B-film The Wild One). But comedic? We'll have to wait and see.

Weinstein says that Brando met with Keenen Ivory Wayans, who is directing the film, and found "a kinship with his brand of humor."

The Scary Movie 2 cast includes Anna Faris, Tori Spelling, Andy Richter, Christopher Masterson, Chris Elliott, Tim Curry, and Natasha Lyonne, none of whom probably ever dreamed they'd be able to say, "I worked with Brando, you know."

The sequel is due in theaters July 4.