More Mishaps on Spider-Man Set

The production of Spider-Man, directed by Sam Raimi (A Simple Plan, Army of Darkness), was plagued with more troubles this week. A thief made off with four custom-made Spidey costumes, and star Tobey Maguire's stunt double suffered a fractured leg from a stunt gone wrong.

Both incidents occurred Tuesday at the Culver City set south of Los Angeles. The skin-tight blue-and-red costumes, designed for Spider-Man star Maguire, were discovered missing on Tuesday morning, and local police are investigating, Variety reports.

Columbia Pictures is offering a $25,000 reward for the costumes' safe return, a studio spokesman said Wednesday. "We consider these costumes valuable property and we hope this reward will help to get them back," the spokesman said.

The loss of the outfits won't delay filming, the rep said, because they still have plenty of additional costumes on hand.

A far more serious setback was suffered by Maguire's stunt double, Zack Hudson, who fractured his leg Tuesday when he smashed into a brick wall during a stunt, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Hudson was treated at UCLA Medical Center's emergency room.

Last month, a welder was killed on a different Spider-Man set in Downey, Calif., when a crane collapsed. State safety investigators have been looking into the cause of that accident.

Spider-Man, which co-stars Kirsten Dunst and Willem Dafoe, began filming in January and is expected to wrap by the end of May. It's due in theaters in May 2002.