Lopez Taking $10 Million

We won't be calling her K-Lo anytime soon. Jennifer Lopez (also known as J-Lo) is dropping her plans to mount a biopic of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.

Lopez's project was just a day late and a canvas short of Salma Hayek's rival big-screen treatment of the iconic painter.

Instead, Lopez is reportedly getting more than $10 million to star as an FBI agent for director Tony Scott in the Warner Bros. crime thriller Taking Lives, according to Variety. The project, which once had Cate Blanchett attached, concerns a serial murderer who kills strangers and assumes their identities.

Lopez has been in similar territory before, playing a federal marshal in Out of Sight, a psychologist who enters the mind of a killer in The Cell, and a city cop in the upcoming Angel Eyes.

Eyes, which co-stars Jim Caviezel, has been bumped up from a July release date to May 18. Lopez nearly dropped that project when producers couldn't meet her asking price, but they reportedly settled on a fee of $7.5 million.