Film Notes: 'Spy Kids' Tops Box Office

Spy Kids infiltrated theaters this weekend.

The new family film starring Antonio Bandaras, about a brother and sister who must rescue their secret agent parents, was the top grossing film at the Box office, with $27 million in receipts. The movie easily outdistanced other releases, taking in more money than the next three films combined.

Miramax had so much faith in Spy Kids, it began planning a sequel even before it opened.

The Ashley Judd men-are-like-cows comedy, Someone Like You, opened in the runner-up spot, while last week's number-one film, Heartbreakers, slipped to the show spot.

The teen comedy Tomcats premiered in the fourth position. The weekend's final new release, The Tailor of Panama, opened in limited release with $2 million.

Here's the top 10 movies Friday through Sunday with estimated grosses:

1. Spy Kids, $27 million. 2. Someone Like You, $10.3 million. 3. Heartbreakers, $8.2 million. 4. Tomcats, $6.5 million. 5. The Brothers, $5.8 million. 6. Enemy at the Gates, $5.3 million. 7. Exit Wounds, $5.2 million. 8. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, $5 million. 9. Traffic, $4.2 million. 10. The Mexican, $2.6 million.

Kidman Miscarriage

Nichole Kidman's publicist is now confirming that the actress suffered a miscarriage after separating with Tom Cruise.

Kidman's spokespeople had been declining to comment on reports of the miscarriage when the report emerged in the supermarket tabloid The Star.

"It's a private matter for Tom and Nicole to work out." Wendy Day told the Australian Associated Press, "I believe the story is out there and running. We can't deny [it]."

Cruise filed for divorce last month, citing irreconcilable differences after ten years of marriage. They've been separated since December. They have two adopted children, but Nicole reportedly longed for a biological child as well.

Pee-Wee Still Partying

Nearly a decade after he was arrested in an adult theater, Paul Reubens, the actor better known as Pee-Wee Herman, still causes a stir.

Reubens remains a busy actor, even though he's given up his Pee-Wee persona. He appears in the upcoming drug film Blow and had a regular stint on TV's Murphy Brown.. While he might be harder to recognize, fans still remember the sensation he once was.

The 48-year-old tells Time magazine that while shooting Blow in Mexico, he accepted an invitation to join college students at hotel party. "I went to someone's house for dinner, and it turned out everybody already ate, and they just watched me eat," he said. "I've gone over to complete strangers' houses, and it's like tons of people come out in pickup trucks …"

ABCNEWS Radio and's Buck Wolf and Nancy Chandross contributed to this report.