Village People's 'Leatherman' Dies

Glenn Hughes of popular campy disco act The Village People died March 4 at the age of 50, according to The Advocate.

Hughes, who had been ill for years, reportedly asked to be buried in the "leatherman" biker garb he made famous as a member of the disco band.

The Village People, who formed in 1977, first charted with the song "Macho Man" in 1978. Later that year, the band reached No. 2 with its most famous song, "Y.M.C.A" — still a staple on dance floors everywhere. Other well-known songs the band recorded include "In the Navy" and "Go West."

As much for their music, however, the band members were known for their image. Complimenting Hughes' biker image, the other members played the roles of soldier, policeman, cowboy, construction worker, and Native American.

Hughes, in addition to his leather and chain outfit, sported a handlebar mustache and policeman's hat.

Hughes also appeared, along with his five bandmates, in Can't Stop the Music, a 1980 pseudo-documentary chronicling the rise of the band.