Stripper Sues Stallone for Assault

A stripper filed a sexual assault suit against Sylvester Stallone in California court Feb. 28, claiming that the actor "physically and sexually" abused her at a fitness center last year.

Margie Carr, who also claims to have had a 10-year affair with Stallone, accused the 54-year-old actor of assaulting her on Feb. 26, 2000. The actor's rep has denied the charges, telling the New York Daily News that Carr's claim "is totally frivolous and without merit."

Carr, 42, is seeking unspecified damages for emotional distress and "oppressive and malicious actions." Stallone's lawyer, Martin Singer, says Carr was simply a "hanger-on" at the gym his client belongs to.

"It's unfortunate that in America, anyone can make up claims and sue anyone," Singer said.

Stallone is married to former model Jennifer Flavin, with whom he has two children.